5 tips to composting food waste as a restaurant

More and more, consumers are expecting restaurants to be socially responsible. Research has even shown that millennials especially are likely to spend more if there is a social cause attached. It is not an easy task to take on, but if you live in an area that has an organic waste pick-up system already in place, composting may be a rewarding option for you. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Know your food scraps

When composting, the most important thing to know is what you can and cannot compost. Oils, fats, and meats are no-nos in the composting world. You’ll want to keep it green. Separate food waste like vegetable scraps, fruit rinds and coffee grinds from the rest of your garbage for the compost bin.

Get on schedule

Dedicate a specific day of the week to gather compost. Sometimes, if you try to collect food scraps every day, things get out of hand. It is better to compost once a week and be really on top of it than doing it every day in a chaotic.

Get organized

If you want to stay on top of composting, it is extremely important to have a specific place to keep your food scraps! Try getting a container, clearly labeling it and keeping it in the same place every day.

Get to know your community’s composting site

Composting sites are a useful tool for composters. The people who work there are usually very friendly and willing to answer any questions you have. When you see the whole system, it’s also very inspiring. Seeing that your one bucket gets composted with so many other local peoples food scraps is a serious sight to see.

Talk to your neighbors who compost!

One of the fun thing about composting is that since not everyone does it, the people who do compost are usually very dedicated to the cause. When you start composting, you become a part of something bigger, and getting to know your neighbors who are also a part of it is a great way to see what you have accomplished!

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