Know the advantages of having a restaurant POS

A restaurant POS doesn’t just improve the appeal of your restaurant; it helps improve the service delivery in your restaurant. The restaurant POS is effective in processing the high volume of cash or credit cards passing through the restaurants. A point of sale will help keep track of sales, inventory, and reporting. Here are some of the critical advantages of a restaurant point of sale system that you should know about.


Restaurant POS is designed to be intuitive, fast and accurate. It will be cumbersome if the wait or kitchen staff have to struggle to find the right keys to click to bring out the orders or the menu. It would also be frustrating if takes minutes on the computer processing orders while clients are waiting.

Reports accessibility

The system is integrated with accounting functionality hence it will give you sales reports, inventory levels. The analytics are easy to read and understand, the graphical representation of performance parameters of your restaurant makes it's easy to understand and make decisions.


Restaurant POS is built to be secure. No one wants their data to be compromised because of a power outage or a hardware failure. The POS databases can recover most of the data if the unfortunate event happens.

Some features of a modern POS you should know about

• Menu configuration- ability to create food or drink menu in a matter of seconds • Menu firing – Gives control over order timing and food is prepared and delivered at the right time. • Terminal flexibility- ability to perform any action from any station like changing menus, running reports, employee login. • Intuitive touchscreen functionality.

Other advanced features include:

• Online reservations • Online ordering • Scalability – ability of the system to be upgraded or expanded • Fast pay – is the ability to ring up the order with a few touches and the client pays the cash tray opens, and you give out the change due. This is suitable for fast food restaurant and quick service restaurants.


With a Restaurant POS, its impossible to alter sales or entries hence this prevents employee theft. Moreover, a POS system has fully integrated inventory management, accounting functionality, customer relationship management CRM and service management.

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