4 design trends that you can apply in your restaurant

A restaurant’s décor contributes to the dining experience. Design is a very important aspect for a restaurant to thrive and attract new clientele. Design tells your customers what they can expect from your dining experience and how different it will be from other restaurants. These are some design tips you can apply to your restaurant:

Green element

You can make a shift towards spaces that are big, well lit and embraces a natural design. This can include windows that overlook gardens, having nature integrated in the restaurant by placing potted plants. Design aspects such as glass windows and timber screens can be incorporated. The green element does not have to be for the plants or paint, green tablecloths can be used to give the restaurant a natural theme. The green element gives the restaurant a vibrant outdoor charm.

Retro touch

Retro finishes have been making a comeback recently. Restaurant owners can choose elements such as brass finish on countertops, retro artwork and vases. A lot of flooring retro options are available to choose from that are easy to fix up and maintain. Bringing back a touch of the past will help customers seek comfort in the familiar. Neon signs are also a popular choice that a restaurant can use.

Ambient lighting

Lighting has changed to fit a restaurant’s space. Features such as color options, remote controlled lighting ad art-inspired features are available to choose from. Soft lighting is more preferred than bright lights as they make a restaurant cozy.

Minimalist design

Less is more when it comes to designing a restaurants space. Instead of covering your restaurant with extravagant wallpapers and overdone color schemes, you can choose an aesthetic design that is minimum and less cluttered.

If you are planning to change the design of your restaurant, you should think of how photogenic it will be. The millennial generation especially looks at the Instagram potential of a restaurant, whether the space is unique to post on social media. This will promote your restaurant on online platforms. Design can contribute towards making a good first impression and keep the customers coming back for more.

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