5 ideas to promote your restaurant on social media

Five essential ideas that every restaurant should use to enhance their digital outreach.

Automate the Process and Analyze Your Results

You've got a business to run, so you don't want to spend all your time running to the computer to post at peak hours. There are numerous ways to automate social media, ranging from tools the platforms create themselves to various third-party applications. More advanced PoS systems for restaurants with linked programs can automatically promote products when they're available and help you track the post's outreach relative to the sales of that item.

Always Cross-Promote

It can feel like you're spamming messages endlessly, but you should cross-promote your social media and other advertising. Put your social media handles on your traditional media advertisements, and never neglect to hit all of your potential outlets when you have a hot plate ready.

Respond to Comments

For the average company's average social media posts, you can expect a handful of comments that range from supportive to random to outright offensive. You don't have to take the time to respond to every commenter, but cordially engaging with both positive and negative users can form a connection with your customers that extends beyond the enjoyment of your food into true brand loyalty.

Become a Community Leader

Locally-owned restaurants frequently perform acts of kindness like hosting groups for free, holding food drives, or organizing urban gardens. Through frequent promotion on social media to boost the signal of these events, you can both improve your community and receive some of the best advertising available.

Consider Hiring a Social Media Manager

While social media is simple on the surface, there are nuances to turning it into a tool for your business. Just like traditional advertising, your efforts can flop or prove detrimental if you violate an unofficial rule or post an errant comment. There are numerous social media platforms with varying network sizes, focuses, functions, trends, and unspoken guidelines. For example, a short message about a new special is perfect for Facebook and Twitter, but you'll want to have a proper image on Instagram or Pinterest. A dedicated social media manager can be a great asset, even if that manager is your favorite nephew or niece who is comfortable with various social media and is tech savvy enough to handle interacting with PoS systems and automation.

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