Tips to choose the keywords of your restaurant

Your website is more than just a way to provide open hours and your restaurant menu. It's a way to attract potential diners and increase business to your restaurant. Gone are the days where simply having a website proved to be all you needed to do. There are other restaurant owners devoting time, energy and money to their internet presence in order to bring in customers (potentially your own). One of the best ways stand at the top of an internet search, above the competition, is by choosing the right keywords for your restaurant. These keywords work both for your website and for social media marketing, so selecting the right words are very important.

Specialized Keywords

The problem many restaurant owners run into is they paint their restaurant with broad keyword strokes. In other words, they use general keywords. Yes, your restaurant might serve burgers, but there are hundreds of thousands of other restaurants serving burgers and there's no way your website will rank at the top of search engine results using just the word burger. So look at your restaurant and exactly what kind of food do you serve? Do you specialize in Southeast Asian Thai food? Or perhaps you offer New Orleans BBQ chicken. Whatever you serve, the more specific your keywords are the easier it becomes to connect with consumers.

Restaurant Location

You want to attract traffic to your website from your location. Sure, having people visit your site from San Francisco is nice, but if you're located in Dallas, those visitors won't do anything for you. So make sure to include your restaurant location within the keywords. Whether Boise or Newport or any other town you might be located, you want to bring in local customers who are able to sit down and enjoy your food. Including local keywords tells search engines where you're located and helps improve your local search engine rankings, which will help boost business.

Keywords are very fluid. These are words that may change over time. You should always test and edit your keywords to see what works and what doesn't. However, by keeping these tips in mind, you'll have the ability to not only grow your social media marketing platform, but also increase traffic to your website, which in turn should help you boost traffic to your restaurant as well.

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